Sunday Classes
Sun1CDearingBear Fetish Basket Weave GOurd__  (3)

Sunday 1
The Basket Weave Bear Fetish Gourd
Carrie Lynn Dearing, TN.
Class Fee $55
11:00 am to 3:00 pm (4 hours)

Students will learn how to layout a design, woodburn clean lines,  stipple and carve your gourd into a basket design. You will paint with ink dyes and acrylics, inlay a cabochon,  and finish with a beaded rim.

Student Brings: Wood burner with your favorite blade tip pen. Dremel or carver, with inverted cone, small ball for stippling like the #191, and heat gun.

Instructor Provides: Prepared gourd, pattern, photo, press n seal, paint, dyes, beads, cabochons, and any other supplies needed.
All levels: Max 15



Sunday 2
Round and Round Luminary
Michelle Thompson, MS.
Class Fee $45
11:00 am to 3:00 pm (4 hours)

Create a stunning light show by combining drilled holes with electrical illumination! Student will sketch circular patterns onto prepared cannonball gourd and drill holes following the sketched designs. The circles may be filled as desired by student concentric circles, pie-shaped wedges, stars, etc. Weather permitting; luminary will be sprayed with sealer.

Student Brings: Drill and drill bits, ranging from 1/16” to 3/16”. Brad point bits are less likely to skip. If using a cordless drill, a spare battery may be helpful. Apron/smock and dust mask are optional.

Instructor Provides: A cleaned and prepared cannonball gourd, light base with cord and bulb, design templates, pencils, erasers, instructional handout, and any other supplies needed to complete this project.
All levels: Min 3 Max 10

Sun3-2SJordanpoinsettia crackled night light light on  2
Sun3SJordanpoinsettia crackled night light light off 1

Sunday 3
Elegant Poinsettia Nightlight
Terry and Sandy Jordan, FL.
Class Fee $35
11:00 am to 3:00pm (4hours)
Email: Phone: 1-904-240-1399 or 1-904-504-6119

Students will be instructed in how to create a crackle finish, then paint the beautiful poinsettia using the Donna Dewberry One stroke technique. You will then add Turkish beads to let the light shine through.

Student Brings: One stroke brushes, 3/4” flat, #12 flat, #10 flat, 1/2” scruffy, and #2 liner. Brushes can be purchased from Sandy for $18, please call to order. Water basin, dust mask, pencil, drill and 9/64 bit.

Instructor Provides: Gourd prepared to paint. Gourd will also be fitted with night light adaptor, paint, beads, crackle medium, tutorial, and any other supplies needed to complete night light. All levels: Max 10

Sun4SBriscoeLet There Be Light

Sunday 4
Let There Be Light
Sherry Briscoe, NC.
Class Fee $50
11:00 am to 3:00 pm (4 hours)

Students will learn how to develop a design for the holes in their cannonball gourd, using painters tape, then mark their design on the gourd and drill the holes. Then learn how to sculpt a flower and leaves using Quikwood. Then it will be painted and sealed using Gourd Master products. Once the project has dried, you will assemble the light and “voila!”…there will be light!

Student brings: Apron, ruler or measuring tape, sharp scissors, a  heat tool, a rotary tool, and a 5/64”drill bit. I recommend using a light-weight rotary tool to avoid hand strain, but you can use a power drill.

Instructor Provides: Cleaned prepared gourd, GM transparent acrylics, metallic inks, and varnish. Quikwood, lamp base with cord kit, and all other supplies needed. Intermediate: Min 2 Max 12


Sunday 5
Gourd Fishing
Linda Hadder, AL.
Class Fee $50
11:00 am to 3:00 pm (4hours)

Students will learn to sculpt a fish using a small egg gourd, Quikwood, and an armature in the tail. The fish can be used as an ornament or year round in a cabin on the lake. This technique can be used in your gourd art for years to come. Students will take home two fish, one should be completed in class.

Student Brings: An apron, small water container, paper towels, metal pallet knife, small flat artist brush; and a liner brush.

Instructor Provides: Gourds, written instructions, photos, paint; and Quikwood. All levels: Max 12

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