American Gourd Society

American Gourd Society

Why I Love Being  A Member of the American Gourd Society:

By Bob James - Past AGS President
     I love being a member of the American Gourd Society (AGS) for several reasons.

  • You have joined with the national group of the best folks in the world, gourd lovers.
  • The AGS has supported and published results of health information on gourd working.
  • The AGS represents you to the world, having worked in China, France and Canada Societies.
  • The AGS represents you nationally supporting movies, newspaper articles, TV shows, and more national activities in the works.
  • The AGS provides web space to your chapter if they need it.
  • The AGS website is a wealth of information on working with gourds.
  • The AGS provides information to anyone who wants to form a new chapter; this is available nowhere else.
  • You have access to experts about gourd problems across the nation who are ready to help you.
  • Communication between chapters significally improves the quality of your chapter activities and shows.
  • The AGS board developed standard judging rules that significantly improve the transparency of gourd competitions.
  • The AGS board sponsors the Jim Story Award for national recognition of excellence in growing gourds.
  • The books sales of AGS gives you access to many books on gourd growing and gourd crafting.
  • I'm part of an organization whose sole purpose is education and instruction of gourds.
  • Last but not least, the best part of being a AGS member is their quarterly magazine "The Gourd Magazine". It has it all, Kids Corner, a Gourd Decorating Contest, Interesting Articles, Tutorials, Amazing Photos and so much more

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